ANKHER BRA is a custom lingerie and garment company founded by Stacy Wakfer in June 2019. With over 50 years of sewing experience, Stacy has honed her skills in corset making and bra making and now offers her services to clients seeking custom-fitted lingerie and fetish garments. The company specializes in creating custom corsets, bras, and other undergarments for cross-dressers, transvestites, female impersonators, and transgender individuals.

Ankher Bra offers instruction and kits for those interested in sewing their own bras

Stacy Wakfer is the sole proprietor and founder of ANKHER BRA. After retiring from a career in service, she pursued her love of sewing and underwear and has been creating custom lingerie and fetish garments ever since. Stacy learned the art of corset making in 2005 from Master Corset Maker Patrice Godin and later completed the Claflin Academy of Sewing and Design Bra Making course via The Association of Sewing and Design Professionals. In addition to creating custom garments, Stacy offers instruction and kits for those interested in sewing their own bras.

ANKHER BRA's mission is to create custom-fitted lingerie and fetish garments that provide comfort, support, and durability.

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