"I got my first customized corset from Ankher Bra. It feels very soft and light, unlike my previous corsets, which are heavy and rigid. It is easy to put on and very easy to fasten on my own. It seems that it was designed with my anatomy in mind - my waist is effectively shaped while my ribcage doesn't feel too confined. The result is amazing! The corset gives me a pleasant feeling of restraint, and I can wear it for a whole day without thinking of taking it off. The breathability is great - I don't feel sweaty after all-day wear. This is the best corset I have ever worn!"

-Monicalovecd on Instagram

Ankher offers instruction and kits for sewing your own corsets, tailored for men, transvestite and drag queens.

Stacy Wakfer is the sole proprietor of Ankher Bra, a custom undergarment company in Vancouver BC Canada. Stacy learned the art of corset making from Master Corsetier Patrice Godin in 2005, and combining that expertise with over 50 years of sewing experience and a fetish for underwear, she is now crafting a custom-fit underbust corset.

Image: monicalovecd on Instagram

ANKHER BRA's mission is to create custom-fit undergarments and fetish attire that provide comfort, support, and durability.

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