I love me a good corset, but finding one that fits my torso is not always the easiest.

With my particular unique history, to be blunt, I’m a transsexual woman, and as such have a build with subtle differences from those of the XY chromosomes.

I’m long in my torso, with a larger rib cage, and when I’m not suffering from my hiatal hernia exacerbated IBS, (I’m working hard at fixing that) can have a dramatically smaller waist. This is sizing that won’t be found on much of the population, except an amazon like me. Makes for some serious challenges when shopping for the right waist shapers.

There are usually three things I look for when getting a corset; fit, design, and quality. So when Stacy approached me to make me a corset, naturally those were the aspects on the top of my mind.

Let’s just, say she was very concerned about my gut health and the wearing of a waist shaper, which oddly comforted me. After some reassuring, from both sides we decided to set up an appointment and get down to it.

Without asking, she provided me with several samples during my consultation, one, very close to those measurements I provided to her through an e-mail. Before trying it on she told me it was going to most likely be a bit small, which it was through the centre back, but everywhere else……it fit like glove!

These samples are gorgeous!

Based on this sizing we decided she would add more to the centre back for the perfect fit of a new construction. I decided on a black cotton twill, with black laces and off she went. Not long after she was back in my presence with a newly crafted garment ready to be tried on.

This one fit perfect, is beautifully pieced together, and of a simple, yet elegant design I can wear underneath my many pencil dresses, or as outer wear over top a blouse or silk chemise, as I like to wear.

The finish is clean and smooth, both machine and hand sewn, and of the cotton twill we both agreed on. There is a strong twill tape at the waist that lays super flat and is sewn under the bone casing, with no bulking or the bothersome gathering I’ve had on some I’ve gotten. I like that….a lot!

The top edge sits perfectly over my ribs, and follows perfect hourglass shaping when pulled in snug at the waist to the lower hip edge. It’s not a longline corset, and I’m not sure I’d call it a waspy, but is long enough to give me that shaping I so desire, and freedom of movement that I cannot get from a longline. All waist shapers and corsets have their time and place, trust me, I’ve got lots of ‘em.

Its easy to put on, and easy to remove, and given my tummy troubles currently, a welcome respite to compressing and training my abdomen to flatten and smooth out as I work to fix those troubles and get back to a smaller and more shapely figure. Did I mention it’s comfortable? Well it is, and very I might add! Great for my gut woes.

Will I be getting more? You betcha, and if Stacy shows me more styles and designs, and fabrics, well lets just say I’ll be spending much more! That’s to say I would highly recommend her work to everyone that is looking, and those who are the specific clients she is catering to. We are not all created equal, and she has a firm grasp on that fact!

Enticingly Yours
Velvet Steele