The Corset Pattern

Corset Components Part 1: The Pattern

  • Ankher Bra

The Drag Queen and Crossdresser Underbust Corsets are composed of six pattern pieces - front facing, front, side front, side, side back, and back. Each piece is cut twice.

Every piece is measured at the top, middle, and bottom to correspond with your underbust, waist, and high hip measurements. The length of the pattern pieces is also calculated to match your torso length. Thus, the resulting garment is a perfect fit.

Your custom-drafted pattern is kept on file. It can be readily altered to address weight gain or loss, and even shortened (waspie, anyone?).

Corset Pattern Pieces - front
Corset Pattern Pieces - back

Ready for an underbust corset that fits like a second skin? Contact us at with 4 measurements - underbust, waist, high hip, and torso length - and experience the elegance and luxury of a garment created just for you.