The only needle I use for the Coutil Underbust Corset.

This ball-point needle - a Schmetz exclusive:

  •  handles thick seams, with
  •  fewer skipped stitches, and
  •  less fabric damage
  •  has a reinforced shaft
  •  is available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 (thin to thick)

A ball-point needle separates the fibres of fabric rather than cutting them. It penetrates thick fabrics in a way that minimizes needle deflection and breakage. Perfect stitches every time!

Ball-point is the preferred needle type for use with the exceptionally tight, dense, twill weave of coutil. Instead of piercing fabric fibres, it moves them aside.

Whatever type of needle you use for your sewing project,

Change Your Needle Often!

A fresh needle reduces:

  •  damaged fabric
  •  skipped stitches
  •  uneven stitches
  •  broken thread

I use a new Schmetz Denim Needle Size 14 for each garment I create to guarantee impeccable results for your coutil underbust corset.

Source: Schmetz ABC Pocket Guide Home Sewing Machine Needles 2023

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