I began wearing a corset at 30 for titillation. I wear a corset 35 years later for titillation...and medicinal purposes!


  • A corset empowers me. I'm smarter, funnier, and sexier when I wear a corset.
  • A corset effortlessly holds in my stomach. It's hard to hold in my belly when I'm being smarter, funnier, and sexier.
  • A corset improves my posture. My chin is up, my shoulders are back, my core is engaged (and engaging), and, hopefully, my pelvis is tucked, and my knees are soft, no matter what shoes I'm wearing.
  • A corset allows my clothes to fit better. I make my own clothes: coats, tops, skirts, bras, slips, nightgowns, blazers, blouses, sweaters, uniforms, dresses, and CORSETS. All of these garments hang better when I wear a corset. I prefer an underbust corset, which compresses my midsection while leaving my chest and groin uncovered.
  • A corset is a sexy fetish garment. I LOVE an outfit with a corset and panties, a bra, garters, stockings, shoes, gloves, a hat, a veil, a purse, a slip... and lipstick. For Vanilla-style, I wear my corset over top a blouse and skirt, with a sweater or jacket so I can subtly show off (I'm a Leo).
  • A corset makes me feel and look like the fabulous person I am.

Wearing a corset has become more than just a choice of clothing for me; it's an expression of my confidence, authority, and style. Whether for titillation or the added benefits it brings to my posture and outfits, the corset has truly become a cherished part of my identity. When you're seeking the excitement of empowerment and fabulousness wear a corset and discover the remarkable transformation it can offer and embrace the confidence it can instill.

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